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Let us make your special day everything you imagined.  Here are a few of our extra services that we can provide to add to your experience:


  • Catering : 

    • Whether you are wanting appetizers, a full dinner buffet or a plated dinner we can create a custom menu for your event based on your tastes and your budget. Our prices can range from $15.00- $45.00 per person depending upon your needs.


  • Valet Service : 

    • Two or three drivers will be at your event to park your guest’s vehicle when they arrive and they will stay until your last guest leaves. This is a great option if there are concerns about out-of-town guests finding the available parking nearby.


  • Bar Service : 

    • Bar service includes 1 bartender, glassware, ice, mixers and garnishes for up to 6 hours. Non-alcoholic drinks are free for guests (soda, tea, coffee, etc). The bar can be set-up as a cash bar, hosted (open) bar, or split.


  • Cake Cutting : 

    • Our trained staff will take care of cutting the cake and serving your guests.


  • Coat Check : 

    • You will receive a friendly coat checker to help your guests with their coats and to ensure the safety of their personal property. This is a great option for winter events!


  • Ceremony Set-up : 

    • For couples wanting to have their ceremony in the same location as the reception we can have the center circle area draped with sheer ivory fabric to create an alter, black out curtains behind the cirlce to ensure privacy and have additional staff available to quickly change over the room in between events.


Call or Email Today for Pricing!


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